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Caught in the Act But what do you do if you catch your friend, who’s in a committed relationship, doing more than just flirting with a stranger?

If it makes things easier for you, bring another close friend with you—not only will Mike feel more support from more than one person, but it will help you back up your story if Mike is in such disbelief that he tries to argue with you about what you know.

And let Mike know that no matter what decision he makes in regard to his relationship with Liz, you’ll stand by him. One sad fact about infidelity is that it hurts so much that people will sometimes blame everyone but themselves and their partner.

If you feel compelled to tell your friend’s spouse or partner that their loved one has been cheating, be prepared to lose one or both parties in the relationship as friends.

And you were disrespecting Mike, when you know how much he worships you.

I don’t want to have to be two-faced around your boyfriend if you flirt with guys behind his back, so if I ever see you doing something like that again, I’m not going to hide it from him.” Your friend might be a bit hurt or caught off guard.

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