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This was sort of a cross between age place and Dom/Sub relationship.

The only part I was little uncomfortable with with the introduction of a third person one evening without talking about it first. But the two of them seemed well suited for each other and very happy together.

ok well i can only say i know what that means to me.., BUT, first of all i want ALL to know, it has NOTHING to do with incest,or any fetish for children. OK i can't say ALL will refrain from this but the ones i know surely do...

Sometimes I like the idea of rape.....taking my lil one...but, it is part of both our play. I found a web site about Daddy Doms awhile back a very good one infact, so far it has been the only public info on this form of D/s i have ran into...There wasn't much back then but over the years Daddy Dom and ageplay/roleplay has surfaced to ALMOST an acceptable form of sexual play.I think how ever the term Daddy or Daddy Dom's is especially popular in the BDSM communities even though very few people get the chance to play those roles offline, in real time.Here are 4 opinions from some people who also share my fasination with Daddy Dom's and babygirls/lil ones's Daddy #1 There are many types of relationships in the BDSM world. Mainly because so many think it has incestuous connotations or pedo in nature.Maybe it does in some cases......maybe thats only a very small aspect of it...because that type of a relationship is so much more nuturing.

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offers her what she needs most of all, unconditional love and acceptance.

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