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I can assure you; this doesn’t make me any more comfortable than it does you. Right now, my profile even includes a section that acknowledges the poor behavior of men like me and provides my last name and an invitation to use Google to research me. I don’t date with the fear of my safety at the forefront of my mind. I hear negative press about our supposed “hook-up culture” and how it has ruined dating for Millennials and Gen X’ers alike. Maybe it’s finding comfort for a night that helps you get through another week.

I spend a fair amount of time answering questions and dispensing advice based on the four decades of growth and mistakes I’ve made. I think part of that is our puritanical view of sex here in the United States. If you’re really lucky, it’s connecting with a soul that makes you a little more whole.

All - it should be noted - to hopefully bring back Mc Donald’s delicious Mulan-sponsored Szechuan sauce (“That’s my story arch, Morty”). Morty has become entirely cynical of Rick, so-much-so that he attempted to murder Rick.

That's a hugely dark turn for a character who's been through so much: could we be seeing the origins of Evil Morty?

The trio destroys the Galactic Federation currency, leading to Earth being freed and the Smiths all back together. Whereas everything’s back to ‘normal’, Jerry makes a stand against Rick, leading to Beth calling for a divorce.

Things end with Rick telling Morty this was his plan all along: to get Beth to divorce Jerry so he could be the house’s Alpha male and they can go on adventures all the time.

I’m much more comfortable around women than I am men.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the company of the women who have graced me with their presence.

Here, they find themselves in trouble once more, as Morty’s true parents and sister eat Cronenburgers. Brought before the Council of Ricks, the pair are used as bait for ‘our’ Rick (i.e Rick from dimension C-137).

Also, with Rick mentioning at least nine seasons and some sauce, this seems an appropriate time to remember Harmon’s other show, The world may have been reset, but the scars remain on our heroes.

Rick and Morty, therefore, looks set to get a lot darker from here on out (if that’s possible).

While the singer dropped an almost immaculate album, Harmon and Roiland have released one of their finest episodes to date.

For 22 straight minutes, we’re taken on a turbulent adventure that ties up loose ends while causing more chaos for the beloved Sanchez/Smith family. ' - in which Aliens used virtual reality to trick Rick into revealing the recipe for concentrated dark matter - Rick’s always one step ahead, escaping this time using some kind of mind transplanting device. Jerry may have been promoted five times despite not knowing what he does, Beth's turned to alcohol again, and Summer can’t stand Earth anymore now humans - minus the Smiths - are living underground.

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