Gay dating scams in nigeria

The trend in online dating and dating scams is expected to continue, and with the increased risk, the demand for dating background checks should also remain high.A true background check should verify if the person is who he or she claims to be, and is much more than checking criminal records.Ellen was retired, living a comfortable life in a nice home in British Columbia.In the driveway was a luxury car, and her house was paid for.

One they gain your trust, they go for your money or personal data.

The discreet service usually includes verifying education and employment, address verification, ID or passport verification, travel records, civil and public records, fraud screening, etc.

Consult a professional background check firm to verify, and play it safe.

Experts emphasize getting a background check early in order to minimize the risk.

Law enforcement officials warn that scams and advance fee fraud are becoming increasingly complex.

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