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In addition to implementing age-based restrictions for apps, you can do the same for movies, TV shows, Books and even websites.

Each of these categories has their own guidelines for restrictions.

More on How to Turn Off In-App Purchases It doesn't take even a two-year-old long to learn how to use the i Pad.

This includes finding their way onto the app store and how to buy apps.

For example, movies will follow the standard G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17 ratings while TV shows are broken down into TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, etc.

Read More About the Parental Ratings Restrict the Safari Web Browser Apps that allow unrestricted access to the web have a 17 rating, so you don't have to worry about your teenager or pre-teen downloading an app and running rampant over the web. Apple has included a setting that allows you to have full control over what your child can view on the web.

The first step to a kid-friendly i Pad is to turn on restrictions, which allow you to restrict what applications are allowed on the i Pad.

You can turn on these parental controls by going into your i Pad's settings, choosing general settings from the menu on the left and then scrolling down until you see Restrictions.

The 4 category is basically the ' G' rated category with no violence (cartoon or otherwise), drinking, drug use, gambling, foul language, nudity, etc.

When you turn off in-app purchases, the option to buy these extras within games and apps will be disabled.

This means no surprises when the i Tunes bill comes in your email.

Oftentimes, in-app purchases are shortcuts that can be obtained by simply playing the game and achieving certain goals.

And too often, a game or app is designed around enticing users into in-app purchases.

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More Help on Enabling Restrictions This is a step some parents miss, and it can come back to haunt your wallet.

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