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Shantha told laughing ’she had given her personal mobile number to both me and vivek’.I was shocked to hear that unknown side of mom and told her ‘what so big deal about it?So everyone got down from the bus, just then vivek came to me as was asking how the touch of this mature bitch milf was.Soon he was joined by shantha, I was about to tell them, mom was coming to me smiling and these people are commenting as to tell them what I had done to her that the bitch is coming smiling all the way. They were shocked as well as happy to find such a beautiful lady as my mom, especially vivek.There used to be lots of beautiful girls on my way to office. I used to catch same bus daily (I am a bit punctual) not just because of beautiful girls but mainly because the lady conductor who is 40 years old, she look like a perfect milf.I used to greet and chat with her daily in the mornings and also some evenings if my luck laughs at me.

I got a call from my Mom that she is interested to see the city and would like to stay with me for a month by preparing food for me as I was lost some weight.I used to touch some beautiful girls on their ass or brush their boobs using my hands only if they have that Randi look on their faces.I used to brush their ass cheeks using my tool by standing beside them and many of them used to enjoy.Vivek was constantly looking at my mom as she was damn beautiful in that black silk saree, then only I observed her as a real woman with damn beautiful face, big eyes, straight nose, suckin lips, and heavy midriff with busty boobs and perfect shape of ass.Then shantha suddenly pushed me on my mother thinking of her as an ordinary mature milf.

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