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It’s predictable and pretty and guaranteed to be inoffensive.

Common, Mykelti Williamson, and Leem Lubany have joined the cast of Michelle Monaghan’s independent drama “Saint Judy,” which has started shooting in Los Angeles.

What better way to teach her that than to be example to her?

Michelle’s Tips for Overcoming Fear Remember you’re not alone.

Previously announced cast members include Alfred Molina, Alfre Woodard, Gabriel Bateman, Ben Schnetzer, Waleed Zuaiter, Kevin Chapman, Aimee Garcia, and Peter Krause.

Cannonball Productions is producing “Saint Judy,” which centers on the story of Judy Wood, a single mother in her mid-30’s who began work in immigration law and represented an Afghani immigrant who had been persecuted for opening up a school for girls in her home country.

Hanish, Jaconi-Biery, and Kahl teamed up on “Return to Zero,” which garnered an Emmy Award nomination for lead Minnie Driver and a WGA Award nomination for Hanish.

There are no big surprises here, but then there rarely are in these types of films.

” And my heart kind of stopped because all of a sudden I felt incredibly vulnerable, like a child.

I got off phone and I thought, Why don’t I learn guitar alongside my daughter? I really want my daughter to be brave and try new things.

Deciding to learn to drive a truck was the boldest thing I’ve ever done.

I came so close to not doing it, but I wanted to do this role and that superseded my fear.

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Those women who learned to drive trucks before me, they were scared, too, but now they do it every single day—and parallel park! Voicing your fear to someone else so they have the opportunity to change your mind and encourage you is really important. After you make that decision, all other scary decisions pale in comparison.

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