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In 2012, a second stamp was added at this park, a California National Historic Trail stamp reading “City of Rocks NR, ID” on the bottom.Unfortunately, when the year expired on the “CA Trail – Almo, ID” stamp in 2014, that California National Historic Trail stamp became the only Passport Cancellation with an active year wheel available at the Park!The Oregon Trail heads to the north and west towards Oregon; the California Trail heads to the south and west towards Nevada and California.City of Rocks, it turns out, is actually located to the south and to the west, along the California Trail.City of Rocks National Reserve was added to the National Park System in 1988, two years after the Passport Program began in 1986.Its first cancellation as similar to this one, reading “Almo, ID” on the bottom of the stamp, and was available through 1996.The site is now run by the California State University consortium as the Desert Studies Center.The site doesn’t have a Passport cancellation stamp (yet) – but with a name like “Zzyzx,” Parkasaurus is certainly really hoping that it happens someday, right?

It is docked as a museum ship at the Charlestown Navy Yard Unit of Boston National Historical Park, near the USS Constitution.

The somewhat restored remains of the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, New York was the site of the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention.

Women’s Rights National Historical Park commemorates the events of the 1848 women’s rights convention, and its main visitor center is located immediately adjacent to the Wesleyan Chapel.

The Mojave River Valley Museum back in Barstow is free to the public, and interprets the scientific, historical, and cultural heritage of the area.

A visit to the Museum is a great way to learn about the desert before heading out into the Preserve itself.

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At the top of this month’s post, I include a picture of the ruins of the former Soda Springs Resort at Zzyzx, which is now part of the Mojave National Preserve, as an example of the cultural history of the Mojave Desert area.

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