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"Passwords must have at least one non letter or digit character.

Passwords must have at least one lowercase ('a'-'z'). When set here, even after changing the details in both this answer and Anthony's answer.

According to Tatum (1997,18), "the concept of identity is a complex one, shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social and political contexts." The cultural identities of students are constructed from their experiences with the 12 attributes of culture identified by Cushner, Mc Clelland, and Safford (2000): ethnicity/nationality, social class, sex/gender, health, age, geographic region, sexuality, religion, social status, language, ability/disability, and race. 'Why are all the black kids sitting together In the cafeteria? She is a member of the Zeta Omega Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi.

Students may identity with certain groups because of race, social class, or religion.

Passwords must have at least one uppercase (' A'-' Z'). I still get a requirement to put the password at 6 characters long.

" but i can't find this message validation code to modify myself. Even though in both places (and also the Manager View Set Password View Model and Change Password View Model classes I set all of them to 2.

An awareness of their self-concept and cultural identity provides the foundation for how students define themselves in terms of how others view them.

Thus, teachers need to view students as cultural beings, embrace student diversity, and validate the cultural identity of students.

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