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We recommend these companies: Dedicated Server Hosting — These companies have fair prices on dedicated servers. To logon as administrator type "administrator" and then enter the password your hosting company gave you.If your hosting company gave you a different logon and password, use that one instead. If you typed in your logon and password correctly then you successfully logged on to your new computer.Just follow these simple instructions below to have your own super fast Camfrog Video Chat Room.

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The best way to host your own Camfrog Video Chat Room is with Camfrog Cloud Server. All audio, video, and data goes through our own Cloud servers. You can also download and install Camfrog Server on your home computer.

Unfortunately due to bandwidth limitations on home Internet connections your room will probably be unable to host more than 10 users at a time.

Please remember your Camfrog Server nickname and password is never the same as your Camfrog client nickname and password. Now go to the "actions" menu and choose "settings", go to "Operator list" tab and add yourself as owner of the room by entering your Camfrog client nickname. Your Camfrog server is now online and you are owner of your room so you can easily add/remove operators.

Type /help in the room to see a list of all commands when connected with Camfrog client. If you have some problem with your server and cannot connect to it, contact your hosting company through their help control panel.

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[0.6.x.x] Improved Chat – Chatroom Display Ship Name Hi everyone The mod’s original author is Monstrofil, he hasn’t updated it in a long time.

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